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How to Make children the center of society again

Scientists and psychologists are warning us. Children are disappearing from societies. Not that they are no children. But the outside world became so child-unfriendly, that parents often do not even dare to take children with them to places. Let make children and parent-friendly places visible again and help to point out the importance of such a place. Where is a demand, there is a service and integration happens. Let us start with the placement of parent-friendly icons.

Number of playgrounds

Place the ICON of number of playgrounds in a shoppping mal

Heart rate

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

How to integrate Children in society again

Find me, I am your ICON. Welcome to the tribe.

One huge group of consumers are seriously understood until now only by IKEA and EUROVEA. Parents nowadays love to integrate their little children in their social life outside of the home. Generous parental leaves in most of the EU countries allow the young parents to really enjoy parenting and this also involves to take their offspring with them to banks, restaurants and shopping malls. In contrary to EU countries with low amount of months for parental time – where the children disappear every morning at 7 in the cars and arrive home at 6 in the evening.  Still, both groups of parents have time for shopping on weekends. But it looks more stressful to take the offspring and visit banks, restaurants and shopping places where they are NONE Parentfriendliness Icons. 

Eurovea and Ikea make the first steps, together with almost all Raststätten – Highways restaurants in Germany, Restaurants and Banks in some EU countries like Germany and Slovakia. Do you come with your little toddler to a bank in Germany? The stuff immediately brings toys and snacks for your little family. 

How to know, which bank, shops, restaurant or highway stop is child-friendly? Parents plan before they leave the house – they search for child-friendly icons on their mobiles or other devices. Similar to vegans and vegetarians search for ICONS and read labels.

What parents say

I choose where to go shopping based on childfriendliness of the shopping place. Is there clean, parent child friendly free of charge WC? Often I screan first the web site to find out this for me most necessary information.

Lizzie Thompson

In Eurovea, you can put your children for one hour in kind of Smallland - we all know from Ikea. Then, while your children are entertained, you can go and have haircut, pedicur. or even to cinema. On web sites, I expect Parentfriendliness Icons.

Emma Velasquez

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