Moonweaver surf board made by Neville

  • Marta 

Custom long board missing

My lovely custom made surf board is gone.
Someone maybe felt in love with this special board and borrowed it without asking me, directly from our surf club – from closed cabine.

This design is made by Marta Gal, shaped by Marc Neville, shaper from New Quay. Size 6.8

Moonweaver used to be my artist name.
I got this surf board as a present from Surf Shop Sylt in exchange for making a web site. I was invited to New Quay to meet the famous but gone / RIP MARC/ Neville. Marc created a board which was extra custome made for me with my design print on it.

It have a huge emotional value – a peace of art

I would love to have it back.

No matter where my Moonweaver Neville Board ends up, I hope when people would be interested to see who made it, maybe they put 2 words in their search engine: Neville and Moonweaver.

Mark (or ‚Nev‘ as he was often known) won the praise of pretty much all his peers. He was voted UK’s Best Longboard Shaper in Carve Magazines „shapers poll“ (Nov 2009 issue) and was held in the highest regard by many a pro longboarder. Mark worked in the industry for over 20 years, the last 15 with Seabase in Newquay. He brought his team riders and customers a standard of shaping that has not been surpassed in Europe. Riding Mark’s boards, Ben Skinner achieved European and English titles, plus a 2nd in the 1st World Games! meanwhile, Adam Griffiths and Candice O’Donnell have dominated the longboard scene on Mark’s boards. At the time of Mark’s passing, many surfing magazines and web sites published wonderful tributes to Mark. „In my experience, he was a quiet and humble man. At the time I was a University student focussing on shaping as a project. He happily accommodated me for an entire day, talking me through the whole process, allowing me to create the shots I needed, even letting me have a go at shaping myself. He was a genuine man with plenty of advice and stories to share. He was truly talented at what he did.“ – Drift Magazine (feb 25, 2011)

Moonweaver surf board is dedicated  to Mars wife Angela Neville.
Kai, 28, Nat, 17, and Brock, 10, are now adjusting to life without parents after Angela Neville, 48, took her own life following periods of loneliness and depression, an inquest heard


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