I signed for Facebook on MAX User conference in Chicago in 2007.


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I'm Marta Gal

I’m a gal who took HTML book in 1993 and turned it to a high profile IT professional working remotely from home. I adore chocolate, mac, and my surfboard. My mission? To create user-friendly designs and programmes, which makes our life on earth on long term easier.

My current project futured on


Competent and autonomous, hard worker and keen to contribute to a large Information System, bringing enthusiasm, positive spirit, fun and joy. It has been a pleasure for all in the team to work with her and to stay in touch after her departure.
Evelyne Soetewey
Former head of the IT Team of ECHO, Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, European Commission.
Marta was a great asset to our team and in always looking for new and creative solutions to the challenges of global web site design. High energy and fun to work with.
Miles Sprott
Director global sales at 3B Scientific
I would like to underline the importance of your contribution in developing 3B Scientific’s website and online shop. Your vision, expert knowledge and organization skills were instrumental in making 3B’s website successful. You showed consistently high integrity, extraordinary dedication and team oriented behaviour. In all these aspects you were an example to all of us.
Claudia Schaper
Top notch executive assistant and project coordinator